Alive and well

This week I realised with a bang that i havent had a chance to write a blog in too long. My life took a bit of an unexpected turn a few months ago and i just gave up on everything for a while.I didnt quit , i took early retirement from life. Luckily my beautiful friends have helped me out of retirement and i truly started loving everything around me again.

I came to the realisation that yes i love art and yes it helps me express who i am and what i think but this one time in my life … art let me down. I completely understood what the artists of a few centuries ago went through. Sometimes life knocks you down and you have to stay there a while before you pick yourself up and go on … or in my case had a friend that kicked my butt and told me enough was enough.


So one morning i woke up , stopped sulking and started painting again. I was slow at first. I painted something the one day and refused to do anything else for weeks after that. And then another morning came and i woke up and started painting. That is  how i got going again. Each time i would just wake up one morning and feel the need to paint. I must say that it is still a great way to release your tension and free up your emotions. I still have not gotten into the full swing of things but every time i paint i feel a little better. Im sure once summer rolls around again it will also get better. My mood and my situation combined with winter just made everything gloomy.

I will start blogging again and i will start expressing why i love art so much!

To any one else feeling a little sad have a look at this lovely painting.

Shirley Novak – Shirley Novak Poppies Make Me Happy

Until later lovelies



About renarts

im an artist by nature.I enjoy things that arent happy and positive 99% of the time. I tend to see the up side to things.. the glass is half full type.

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  1. So glad you got out of retirement! You are only 23 you know! We can retire muuuuch later in life, now we live and we live well!

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When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say. "You hit like a bitch."

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