I have always known about Aboriginal art , the first time i was in Australia i saw some art pieces but never really thought much about it – perhaps because i didnt understand it.

Four years later and im back in Australia and suddenly the Aboriginal art intreges me. Maybe its because i studied art for a while and my need to learn new things. I wanted to find out how a few “simple” dots made such an interesting picture . its not at all the same as abstract art.

Let me explain. Just before i left Australia to come back home , my dad and i drove a few hours out of Sydney just to explore. We found a little art gallery while looking for ice cream. As usual we walked in to admire the art . Except this time we met a lady with an incredible knowledge of the Aboriginal communities and their “art”.

We started talking , mostly because both my father and i love to learn new things and especially things i have no knowledge of whatsoever.

I few day s before we found this little gallery we were at the Sydney Art Museum. We saw an incredible painting from an Aboriginal woman. Unfortunately we are not allowed to take photo’s of these paintings. Anyway we went home and did some research to see if we could find a picture of this incredible painting. What we happended to sumble upon startled us. The painting on the internet was not the same painting.

Back to the gallery : We asked this woman about this and if it could be possible. What we found out was better than a conspiracy theory.

lesson number 1 : The aboriginal people dont make “art” . In the 1970’s the western civilisation decided that the pictures the Aboriginal people were making would be lovely art.

Lesson number 2: The Aboriginal people made the “art” as a form of communication. They dont have a proper written language. They teach the new generation about life > Basically like what we learn at school they teach their kids with dots and colour and line.

Lesson number 3: Each person gets a lesson they need to teach in life . In western terms its their responibility to teach their kids about this specific thing. Let me use myself as an example. My gran would have had a responsibilty to teach my mom about Art for instance . ( this is all in western terms and isnt exactly the same. Im just using this as an example because we can all understand this ) . So when my mom is born she gets that same responsibility to teach her kids about art. When i was born it gets carried over to me.

Lesson number 4: Each tribe has a different way of portraying the same thing. So the way we portray “art” and teach our kids about art is different to the way another tribe might.

Lots to take in i know. For now i willleave you with some examples about this and then next time we can dig a little deeper.


Both of these are the seven sisters : bothe different and both from different tribes.

*please note that the info here is only subject to a few peoples  research . Nothing is offical yet. *

Cheers til next time



About renarts

im an artist by nature.I enjoy things that arent traditional.im happy and positive 99% of the time. I tend to see the up side to things.. the glass is half full type.

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