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happiness was…

I have come to the realisation that we cannot live without technology.. but we cannot live WITH it either.My internet was/is still giving me problems! Not my idea of  the 21st century technology but who am i to complain. Anyway let’s get to the point.As i promised last time we will be looking at Impressionism and Expressionism. Both of which can confuse any body who is any body ( even myself ).

Lets start with Impressionism. I found a profound statement on a website about Impressionism, It said ” They ignited a revolution with an explosion of colour and movement.Ttheir canvases confounded critics,defied conventions and sparked scandals.A century and a half later they are among the most revered  and influential artists of all time”.

I find that statement is spot on!!! Beautifully said and so true.The Impessionists loved playing around with colour, not necessarily with bright colour but more with HOW colour effects the canvas.They explored the way colour can be used to create the effect of light… in many different forms. This is especially true in Renoir’s work.Wikipedia says this about Impressionists ” Characteristics of Impressionist paintings include relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes; open composition; emphasis on accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities (often accentuating the effects of the passage of time); common, ordinary subject matter; the inclusion of movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience; and unusual visual angles

Some of the most famous artists of that time include Renoir , Degas , Manet and Monet. As i have mentioned Pierre-Auguste Renoir is one of my favourite . Degas , Manet and Monet were just as brilliant. While Renoir was not only fascinated by light , he was fascinated  by red-headed women( i mean that in the nicest way possible  hehehe ) as well , Degas’ fascination ( Edgar Degas )  was  movement and ballerinas.Degas had extensive traditional artistic skills but chose to use them differently as did many of these artists.They certainly did not lack any skills… artistic that is. Degas not only painted but drew and sculpted  very well.

Many people regard Manet as one of the top  Impressionists, for good reason too.I  on the other hand think Monet is one of the best.Now dont confuse Manet and Monet.While Manet was good at what he did, Monet was , in my opinion , a little better. He truly captured Impressionism , with his depiction of reality using light and movement.Monet was extremely fascinated with light. He would paint one object or scene at different times of the day just to see the difference the light made .He specifically loved painting this lilly pond, if im not mistaken it was in his back yard or near his house. He would paint many different versions and at different times of the day.

One thing i noticed with the Impressionists was that almost everyone knew and took inspiration from one another. Sort of like a family of artists.Renoir getting inspired by Monet , Degas getting inspired by Manet … and so on and so on. In fear of sounding like a soap opera…they helped each other ,they aspired to be like one another ( They loved one another ?? ) i cant say yay or nay to that last part but im pretty sure i would grow to love my artist family.

that pretty  much sums up the Impressionist.  There is lots to read on the internet about each artist i discussed and one can speak or write about them for hours. My time has unfortunately run out. I know i promised we would go into Expressionism as well but that will just have to wait until next time.


Stay true to the happy you ( oh boy.. did i just rhyme ??? )


cheers for now



Happiness is…

I just couldn’t keep away from all you lovely people anymore.I do apologize for it taking this long.I have had some internet hassles and struggled for a week to get onto the blog. ( this all being my own fault of course…technology not always being my best friend and all) I finally got it to work .. but for how long i couldn’t guess.Therefore my post wont be a very long one tonight , more of an appetizer for the next post ( which I promise to get to as soon as possible).

I’ve thought a lot about happiness in the past week which naturally lead me to think about emotions.More partically about how each person choses to show emotion.Some people bottle it inside of themselves, other show it openly. Everyone has a way of dealing with it. For instance… i am a very open and honest person and therefore naturally show my emotion openly. In essence I wear my heart on my sleeve.( this is not always the best way to go about things but nonetheless this is me.) I choose to express my emotion with my art. This doesn’t necessarily only mean painting and drawing.I often show my emotion by the clothes i wear as well as the colours that go along with it.I believe that clothing is a form of art… even if it is just a very loose form of art. ( especially if you have seen me with lime green stockings and a pink shirt… note that i USED to dress like that). That is another topic ALL together. I  find that when people see you as artistic they automatically assume you express your emotion through your art.

Mostly this perception is true but I don’t think you can put anyone , let alone an artist in a small box to generalise them. Back in the day of Renaissance art , art didn’t have much to do with emotion at all.It was all about beauty ( their boxed in idea of beauty ) and perfection ( generally speaking ). It was only in the later years that artists started exploring the idea of art and emotion, and even then they weren’t seen as artists.We see art in a different way and as a result we ( being the modern people ) ” made” those various artists famous. Just very quickly, take Van Gogh as an example. He only sold one painting when he was alive .His art was frowned upon because they couldn’t squeeze it into a box.


Anyway, before i go too far off topic , the point i want to make is that artists only recently ( lets say the last 120 years ) have connected art to emotion and visa versa. As i mentioned before my favourite artist is Renoir. He would be classified in the Impressionist  group. They were a fascinating group and often confused with the Expressionist group. I don’t believe that this ” genre ” of painting should be classified into only one era, hence i say ” group “. Just a personal opinion of mine.


Without getting into too much detail the Expressionist wanted , quite simply , to express their opinion and emotion connected to a specific topic or situation. Next time

I will discuss the difference between Impressionists and Expressionist


Cheers for now


see if you can figure out ( without cheating ) which " group " the different paintings belong to..



finding my blog feet

After doing some research i decided to move my blog to WordPress. This site is rather different from my previous one and so im still figuring everything out.I do apologise for confusing anyone but i wasnt able to just move my whole blog over, i have to start from scratch. i will have a new blog about art here as soon as i figure all this out.

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cheers for now



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