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Glitter Klimt

I wake up two weeks ago covered in glitter . My first thought … HUH????

A few things could have happened, either I was sleep walking and fell in a pot of glitter , or someone sprinkled me with glitter while I was sleeping . Neither of which I would have minded. If you know me , you know I absolutely LOVE glitter.

Being 4:30 in the morning I was a little slow with figuring out why I was full of glitter – I pulled the sheets back and found even more glitter. Now I was completely boggled! Where did this glitter come from.

Finally I figured it out. Next to my bed I have a calendar of some of Gustav Klimt’s paintings. On the cover is one of my favorite paintings from him : The Kiss. And on there is glitter! I had picked it up the night before – got glitter all over my bed and rolled around in it the whole night.

Will post some photo’s of the calendar later.

Needless to say , it took me a while to get the glitter off.

cheers for now


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