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Rainbows and butterflies

I have recently been involved in a few photo shoots. Something i always wanted to do but never thought i would get a chance to do. I was suddenly plunged into a sea of newness. I was asked by a friend to style a wedding shoot for her. Well , let me tell you something , if you are planning to get married i salute you. My friend and i planned and re planned a wedding in less than a week. I actually think we re planned the re plan . If i didnt just confuse you i certainly confused myself.

Anyway , a lot of research went into that shoot and many many hours of work and some serious foot work certainly helped. While researching new wedding fashion i noticed some same old same old , but i noticed something fresh.Now i know that this specific new trend isnt all THAT new. But its taken South Africa by storm.

This new trend – COLOUR.

Everything these days is in beautiful BOLD colour. Its fashion now to wear a green pair of jeans with an orange t-shirt and Pink jacket. Go in to any store and the first thing you will see is colour.Its no longer about matching items. The more the contrast the better the outfit. It often reminds me of Piet Mondrian. The only difference in my mind is that Mondrian only used primary colours ( blue , red , yellow ) . He had a obession with those colours and wanted his paintings to be as simple as possible. To go back to the beginning , you could say , when colour was art.Image

I recently had a birthday and my awesome friend bought me the coolest shoes. Although i have no idea how to walk in them i WILL wear them and find a good reason to show them off.They remind me of my very own Mondrian painting.

Friends and family have always known me as the one with the brightest eyeshadow , brightest shoes and brightest clothes. I must say i sometimes cringe when i think back at what i used to wear. I suppose my artist self would come out , i just didnt know how to tame that side of me. Unfortunately i have always been before my time and just as i am taming my artist self … the rest of the world catches up with the colour trend.

Maybe i will hold off on that taming …

race you to the nearest store!

Be brave , go bold.



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